It is with immense regret that we must announce that Inspiration Studios (trading as Inspiration Rentals) will cease trading as of 22 December 2014.


* Customers with existing confirmed or active bookings will be supported through to the end of their bookings

* We will continue to take bookings up to 19 December 2014, as long as they conclude by 31 January 2015

* As always, if you confirm a booking with us we will honour that booking to the letter



We are selling our remaining production and post-production assets including Alexas, Dragons, Scarlet, and a variety of cinema lenses. If you're interested, see below for a price list and details.



Over 8 years we have built a company that we are both extremely proud of, so we'd like to thank all our wonderful customers over the years. We have worked with some incredible people with such exciting stories to tell. There are some we would like to highlight:


David Rosetzky, Katie Milwright, and Andrew Jerram for our very first paid rental (whether they knew it or not!)

Maggie Miles, Jonathan auf der Heide and Ellery Ryan ACS for taking the Red One on to Van Diemen's Land and paving the way for digital cinema features in Australia

Andy Walker for believing in a new way of providing technical support to episodic TV - camera and post from one supplier - and bringing ever-greater shows to us to challenge our abilities.

Chris Hocking and Nick Colla at Latenite Films for never, ever paying an invoice more than a day after it was sent. Love you guys.


And, of course, a tremendous thanks to our staff over the years; who we would heartily recommend for any work you might care to throw their way:


Karolina Koman        Benoit McCullough

Rebecca Irene           Bella Giovinazzo

Meg Perrott


and Cam Matheson (whereabouts currently unknown)


Finally, a very special thanks to Ben Plazzer and Deanne Chiu who were each partners at different stages of the company's development – without you we wouldn't have made it anywhere near as far as we did.


As for us, who knows what the future holds. If you'd like to get in touch regarding anything, our contact info is below.


Thanks for all the memories.


Pete Wells / Cail Young, Co-founders, Inspiration Studios


Pete Wells - - 0401 508 002

Cail Young - - 0432 480 897





Scarlet-X Kit, Epic Dragon Kit, Alexa 4:3 Kit, Alexa Plus Kit


Cine Lenses

Camera Accessories


Apple Computers, Edit Equipment


These aren't the full lists so call us for more information. 03 9676 2765